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  1. THE OTHELLO SYNDROME The Shadow Of Dreams (rating only) GARDEN WALL The Seduction Of Madness (rating only) STEVE HACKETT To Watch The Storms (rating only) GENTLE GIANT Under Construction (rating only) BULLFROG High in Spirit (rating only) BULLFROG Bullfrog (rating only) VARIOUS ARTISTS (CONCEPT ALBUMS & THEMED COMPILATIONS) Peter And The Wolf.
  2. Apr 02,  · Another name for Othello Syndrome is pathological jealousy. This disorder causes obsessive thoughts. It is a very common disorder that can be treated with psychotherapy. There is no pathological aspect of it. The thought of “I wish no one has it unless I have it” triggers the emotion we call envy.
  3. Sep 02,  · Othello syndrome was first diagnosed by Dr. John Todd, a British psychiatrist, in the s. It can arise spontaneously, or in conjunction with other mental illness (e. g., schizophrenia.
  4. The syndrome is probably inaccurately named, as it seems Othello was deceived rather than deluded about Desdemona's alleged infidelity, but the name has remained in use. Perhaps more appropriately termed morbid or delusional jealousy, the presentation is rare in its pure form and is more commonly associated with personality disorder, chronic mental illness, substance misuse, and organic brain .
  5. Othello syndrome (OS) is a type of paranoid delusional jealousy, characterized by the false absolute certainty of the infidelity of a partner. Because OS has infrequently occurred in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD), the characteristics of OS in PD remain unclear. We reviewed the clinical characteristics of this syndrome in PD. We reviewed 67 patients who had PD with OS.
  6. Jan 25,  · Othello syndrome: The delusion of infidelity of a spouse or partner. The Othello syndrome affects males and, less often, females. It is characterized by recurrent accusations of infidelity, searches for evidence, repeated interrogation of the partner, tests of .
  7. Shakespeare’s most cunning villain turns sleep and dreaming against his enemies. At the center of Shakespeare’s dark tragedy is the cruel dynamic between Othello, a magnificent warrior and heroic leader, and Iago, his resentful subordinate. (In the current production at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Chris Butler performs in the title role, and Iago is played Continue reading "Dreams.
  8. Most people chose this as the best definition of othello-syndrome: delusional jealousy; a ps See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.

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