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  1. Aug 31,  · The song is a tribute to the brave firemen/women and police officers who lost their lives on 9/ There is Hope - A song written and produced by Dave Pettigrew and Frank Di Minno for all whose lives have been affected by the tragic events of 9/
  2. Neil Young rarely allows his songs to be sampled, but he let the Canadian group Redlight King use "Old Man" in their song, also called "Old Man." Harold Brown of War Songwriter Interviews A founding member of the band War, Harold gives a first-person account of one of the most important periods in music .
  3. Jay Z spoke about 9/11 on numerous occasions. Part of this might be because his critically acclaimed The Blueprint LP dropped on the same day of the Sept. 11 attacks. This inspired Jigga's “9/
  4. Sep 11,  · • Songs are inspired by 9/ Albums by Jay-Z (The Blueprint), Bob Dylan (Love and Theft) and Mariah Carey (Glitter) were all scheduled for release on that day, but they would not be the.
  5. The Boss poured his heart out in "The Rising," an album devoted to musings on 9/11 and its impact on everyday life and relationships. But in the title song, he describes the climb of a firefighter.
  6. After 9/11, Country music truthfully represented the diversity of American reactions to the terrorist attacks. Some artists, like Alan Jackson, spoke for those Americans confused and grieved by the incident. Others, like Brooks and Dunn, responded with patriotism, pride, and a reassurance sense of American exceptionalism.
  7. rows · Toby Keith wrote this song in response to his father's death and the 9/11 attacks in At first, he was reluctant to record the song and decided to only play it live for military personnel. Later however, Corps James L. Jones convinced him to record it saying that it was his, "duty as an American citizen to record the song."Crash sites: World Trade Center, World Trade .
  8. Sep 09,  · Another song written and released several months before , but took on new meaning, especially because of the first line, “Sun comin’ up over New York City.” The song went to #1 in October , and remained a popular moment in their show until the duo broke up last year.
  9. Sep 08,  · Bruce Springsteen "The Rising" No modest target, Springsteen's "The Rising" is perhaps the most celebrated 9/11 tribute song to date.

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